Saturday, January 3, 2015

just because

i breathe,
does not mean i exist.
for what is existence,
if there is no meaning
no destiny
no charm to the life we live?
just because
i live,
does not mean i am.
for if my living is just breathing
then a tree
is equal to me. 
to find my value,
to find my self
i need you.
not to complete me
but to validate me.
i have to be sure,
i have to know
because mere living is not worth
the weight i carry on this earth.

every thought
denies or fulfills the need,
to prove that life as i know it
means more than just being.

because mere existence,
does not make a life valuable
how much ever i would wish it were so.

just because we can love, we must.

just because
i exist,
i must love.

this is how i choose to define me.
my existence.
not the noun,
the verb.
surrendering to the word
defined by not an abstract ideal
but by force of will, love.

that chooses to ignore or 
or build
or shatter
or cherish.
this is love
defined not by thought
not be act
not by ideals
not by principles.

the is needy

because i need to live.
i need to be alive.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


in a while, it must dawn.
the light scatters
the remnants of a haze;
slumber wistfully
and the world moves.

day after night after day
events and lifetimes roll by
dreams are dreamed, some nightmares
without escape
and the people adapt.

yellow, white, and golden
streaming through
blinds, curtains and windows, come alive
young earth
you have a long way to travel.

not distance but time ...

you twirl and fly
as mountains crumble and rivers change
even the seas challenge the landmasses
to gain new boundaries
and the star-stuff burns.

on somedays, it is as if you know
young earth and so do your children
that you and I are siblings
for we learn
and we live and we shall die

sharing hope and life ...

entwined with each others fates
with each turn
you reveal a new facet to me
and i burn
to bring it to the light, in the gaze of truth.

without a lesson for the living,

what sense does it make
for us to continue in this cold, cold space?
all of us twirling and whirling and dancing
in a cosmic harmony
whose sounds are as ancient as the universe.

and your children leave ...

the confines of your planetary space
to explore and travel
and meet our cousins who whirl with us
and then onwards to our distant cousins
telling our stories to their children.

and even here i wonder
how lucky we are
to have such a family to share
in this cold, dark universe. our children
are of the light and they know it.

no fear. even at the end.
such is our legacy.

love shines brilliant,  like burning hydrogen.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


so distant and spinning
amidst nothingness
life or not,

i am.

sometimes stormy
and comparatively a giant
among others,

i am.

sustaining life
protecting the seeds
to add to this universe,

i am.

and someday - intelligence
will spark on me
and wonder where

is she?

and maybe, eventually
she will find
the love that protected
and fed
and sustained
and enabled

i am.

Monday, October 29, 2012


tumbling through swirlies
the trees bend, the leaves skate
flailing flailing,
and up and down
and now here.
whistling whistling.

faster faster
and without control ...
sideways and around
unless, unless
the harder i try
the lesser i can.
let go, let go.

forever beneath
this treacherous life
shifting, changing
here to there
and back and over.
but un-trusted
till now.
whistle, let go.
i live. alive.

Monday, February 7, 2011

a judgment on me

to be free
is to live open ...
to hurt and pain
to suffering and sorrow.

to live free
is to breathe in the air of fresh possibilities
of ridicule
and constant challenges.

why then undertake this effort?

the universe, in its infinite glory
demands this of me.

for the rewards of freedom
are bountiful.

love, truth, beauty
these are open secrets
not held in temples or prisons
but in the hearts of men and women.

for freedom is the ultimate destination.
not life, not even death
can deny me of this.

opening vulnerabilities means
no fear.

steadfastness in the face of extreme prejudice
is being fair
being honorable
being alive
at the core of the being.

no more defenses
no more offenses
just living in the right.

is more about freedom
than chaos.

if the system undermines
be steadfast, my heart.
all is well.

if the course is long,

if strength fades
borrow from freedom and hope
and walk
and run
and fall
and rise
and walk again.

this is how we live.
this is what we choose.

this is us
me and you.

i trust.
i am open.
i always will be.
i promise.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


To begin
is to end with a clean break.

Move …
immigrate even!

But how do I let go
of a legacy of words?

Words … cross boundaries
cross countries
cross lines – imaginary or political.
To let go of words
and the craft of language
is to let go of skills -
learned the hard way.

Like patience
in the face of criticism.

Like perseverance
under a barrage of insults.

Like keeping a cool head
amidst furiously flying arguments.

Like the willingness
to face a fresh sheet of paper everyday.

Like creativity
that strikes at the heart of everything practical, reasonable
and common-sensical.

How can I let go
of these …
and be me?

Be disciplined
and be pragmatic
and be …
not so bloody melodramatic eh?

Poetry. And me.
Breaking new rules
in a new society.


Friday, July 10, 2009

the loneliness of One

In another day and time,
I will be a man with a will.
I will do what I must
because I willed it.

In another day and time,
I will be a woman with caring.
I will persevere and share
and love because I am.

In another day and time,
I was the God of all creation.
I weaved life's tapestry
and in myself I sought refuge.

Who could equal my grace and my sweep,
I am alone and although I can create
I cannot create an equal
to me.

And then I - a God,
thought of Man and Woman.
And behold, they were!
The sought refuge in my garden.

Today I am
as I was yesterday.

Man and Woman,
have paired and thrived.

Alone, I stand
and watch my wonders create life.

I another day and time,
I chose to be them.

But now I am content.
I am the One
and now,
I am them.